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Your smart assistant to grow & earn more on YouTube

Backr combines AI with our human touch to optimize your greatest asset - your fans.

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Creators we hear you,

engaging with fans is super important but it can be...

Time consuming

You don’t have time to respond to hundreds of comments every day.


The volume & negativity of comments is a lot to handle.

Hard to quantify

You don’t know if engaging directly helps you grow or earn money.

A guessing game

It’s hard to find the most important comments amidst all the noise.

so we're here for you.

Grow & earn more with smarter fan engagement

Your audience is your greatest asset, we manage them the right way.

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Convert fans & get more from brands

With our audience and community reports, you’ll get more compelling data to help improve sponsorship rates. You'll also get a better understanding of who your fans are, what they like, and who’s buying from you - to drive more conversions!


Build meaningful connections

No amount of AI can create authentic connections- that’s why we believe in the human element. We handle the bulk, but you'll never miss the important stuff! We curate a list of the top comments and fans so you stay connected to your community.

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Win back an hour every day

We get it, you have a lot on your plate. We take fan engagement off your hands so you can focus on other areas of your business- like creating great content!


Measure the impact of fan engagement

With our in-house technology, we make the most of every engagement and never miss an important opportunity. We measure the impact engagement has on your overall business growth.

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Why you should choose Backr 

We specialize in audience engagement, to manage and optimize your fans to take your creator business to the next level.   


Our goal is to help you run a profitable business. We personalize your engagement strategy based on your niche & goals. You pay us a flat monthly fee, no contracts and no commission. 


We’ve studied YouTube engagement and developed our own proprietary software to engage smarter. We engage with your fans (as a human) and use our technology to make every engagement a data-driven decision. 


Creator businesses are unique, so we take a unique approach. Your business is built around an online audience, making fans your biggest asset. We focus on optimizing fan engagement so you can grow & earn more. 

Our philosophy

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The Creator Economy is the future of work, entertainment, education, and everything in between. 

Platforms and algorithms come and go, but a creator's success and income shouldn’t rely on them. Instead, we focus on
building real connections, so fans continue to support no matter what.

Our goal is to help anyone turn their creative passion into a profitable business.

Your smart assistant for creator success.

Free consultation. No contract or credit card required.