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Why creators should care about TikTok in 2021

Don’t understand or see the advantages of using TikTok? Well, this article is for you! As it is here to stay and these are all the reasons why you should care about TikTok as a creator in 2021.

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Unless you have been completely disconnected from the social world for the last year, you have probably heard of the video-sharing social medial platform called TikTok. However, we will assume that you have not heard anything about this platform.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform and one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the WORLD! The app allows users to create and post up to 60-seconds worth of videos with different music, filters, and a variety of other features. The beauty of it is that it allows users to do all of this from their smartphone device, instead of having to go onto a computer and edit it from there.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok is primarily dominated by Generation Z, with 41% of the total user-base being made up of people aged 16 to 24. TikTok has now become one of the most downloaded apps in the world, with even more downloads than Instagram.

Now that everyone knows exactly what TikTok is and the sheer popularity of it, we can discuss exactly why content creators should be on the platform.

Reason #1

TikTok has surpassed over two BILLION downloads worldwide. It’s available in over 155 countries, and just in the United States, it has been downloaded more than 130 million times. What this means, is that the reach potential on TikTok is unimaginable!

Reason #2

As mentioned earlier, the app has nearly half of its users being aged 16 to 24. This means, if you are a content creator who targets that age range, you need to get on TikTok immediately! If you target an older audience, don't be scared off by a large number of teens on the app. The number of adults on the platform is increasing rapidly. From October 2017 to March 2019, the number of US adults on the platform jumped from 2.6 million all the way to 14.3 million. This number is sure to be increasing as well, as more and more adults discover the platform through friends or celebrities who are flocking to join.

Reason #3

People don't just download TikTok and never go on it. Instead, users spend an average of over 50 minutes every single day on the app. Comparing this to Youtube, where users spend an average of 11 minutes per day on that app, you can see a clear advantage of TikTok. With that many people on the platform, watching that much content each day, they are more likely to stumble across one of your TikToks, which could result in a new fan.

Reason #4

Posting content on TikTok is far easier than posting content on YouTube. On YouTube you have to plan out an idea of what you want to post, film said video that usually reaches over the 10-minute mark, and then spends hours editing. However, on TikTok, all you have to do is post a 15 to 60-second video of something that grants immediate gratification to your audience. Whether that be, dancing, being funny, performing pranks on your friends, etc. This allows you to spend significantly less time creating TikToks, which will allow you to post more frequently on the platform to build a large following! With the sheer number of people on the platform, getting thousands of likes on a video is not as difficult as it is on YouTube.

Reason #5 (the most important of them all!)

The TikTok algorithm is designed in a way that allows videos from any account to reach the “For You Page” of millions of people, no matter how many followers or previous videos you have posted. If you’re a content creator on TikTok, the chances are you’d like to get more views, likes, and comments on your content. The more people watching your videos, the higher likelihood of gaining a following on not only TikTok but your other social media accounts as well.

In order to optimize the algorithm to increase your engagement you should follow these steps:

  1. Every single post you make, make sure you are hashtagging these: #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage in the captions.

  2. TikTok is a video watching platform that is watched mainly on smartphones. This means every caption you make must be short and sweet to get the best results.

  3. Similar to hashtags, TikTok’s music and sounds are crucial in getting a video to explode with likes and views. By posting a TikTok with a trending song or sound is a great way to get your video on the pages of millions across the world.

  4. Use TikTok analytics, which is similar to YouTube analytics, to determine when the best time to post your TikTok’s are (along with getting other insights about your viewers).

  5. Consistency! Make sure you are consistently posting videos, as this is a way to ensure you are giving yourself more opportunities to get on people's “For You Page”.

If you follow these tips to adjust the algorithm in your favor, you will be able to spend less time and energy building an audience. Instead, you will be able to focus on the content and let the algorithm work its magic!


By getting on TikTok and gaining a following, you are enabling yourself to increase your audience on your YouTube and other social media accounts. Fans you gain from posting TikToks will surely be eager to check out your other social media accounts and show their support through subscribing and commenting on your videos.

Now, since you know all the benefits of getting on TikTok, what’s stopping you? Get on the app store, download that app, create your account, make a post on your Instagram account saying how you now a “TikToker” and make that first TikTok!


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