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The creator economy and how you can keep up with it

The internet has given the opportunity for individuals to take part in media consumption through content creation, causing big media to become decentralized and giving rise to the creator economy. This space is evolving quickly, so here's how you can learn and keep up.

The creator economy and how you can keep up with it

What is the creator economy?

For decades, a few traditional media companies controlled the world of entertainment and news consumption. Unless you worked for a big media firm, or were a distinguished person, you didn't get to take part in the conversation.

Fast forward to the invention of the internet, and everything changed. Eric Freytag from Streamlabs wrote for VentureBeat about the evolution of media consumption, saying

"rather than ten TV shows consumed by billions of people, we now have hundreds of millions of shows that cater to billions of people. You could be only one of ten people in the world interested in a niche topic, but chances are you’ll find content for it. Additionally, the people who are creating content for that topic are truly and authentically passionate about it."

The internet empowered individuals to start their own conversations, separate from mainstream media. And since then, we've seen the rise of the creator economy, also coined the passion economy. Which simply means individuals building audiences online and earning income through making and distributing online content. Essentially the creator economy is giving people a way to turn their passions into careers.

Watch, listen & read

The creator economy is quickly evolving, as platforms are ever-changing and more people are discovering how to create as a career. You'll want to keep up with this industry, so we compiled our favourite list of resources to keep you informed. Whether you like to watch, listen or read, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you!

Podcasts & talk shows

Means of Creation

A weekly show where notable guests are brought on to discuss the future of work and the rise of the passion economy. The hosts Li Jin, an early pioneer of the passion economy, and founder and Managing Partner at VC firm, Atelier, and Nathan Baschez, co-founder and President at Every Inc, are both well immersed and respected in the creator space. You can listen in wherever you get your podcasts, or watch on YouTube.

Colin and Samir

Admittedly, these guys are my faves! Colin and Samir have been creating on YouTube for a long time and are now on a mission to build a hub for the creator economy with a weekly show covering what's going on in the creator space. They are incredible storytellers and make such entertaining and engaging content. You can listen to their podcast, but I would recommend watching on YouTube because the production value is amazing!

Creator Economics

A podcast hosted by Blake Robbins, VC at Ludlow Ventures, and Reed Duchscher, CEO of Night Media and manager of notable creators such as MrBeast. Their mission is to inform the world on how digital creators achieve success and what that success looks like. Watch on YouTube or listen in on audio.

The Passion Economy

Adam Davidson is a writer, creator of Plant Money, and the author and host of The Passion Economy. In the podcast Adam guides you through this new economy and how you can thrive in the 21st century.

Blog & news sites

The Verge

The verge covers a wide range of topics, but has a section specifically for creators. They cover how creators are using digital platforms, how the space is evolving and how creators turn projects into careers.


Tubefilter is one of the top trusted and read creator news sources and it really has helped grow and legitimize the creator industry. Subscribe to their newsletter for daily top stories!

The founders Drew Baldwin and Josh Cohen also host a creator news talk show on YouTube, where they discuss a wide range of topics and talk with top creators.


Influence is all about fostering a creator community. The blog is called "nofilter" where creator culture is the core focus. As a business or creator, you can join the community to find and engage with other creators.

Digital Native

Rex is an investor and writer on Substack. He writes weekly blogs on the intersection of people and technology. You can sign up to receive his weekly blogs directly to your inbox here.

Other platforms


If you're on Clubhouse, it's a great resource for finding creators, investors and thought leaders in the creator space. Search keywords such as creator economy, passion economy and content creator to find people within the industry.

You can also join creator specific clubs, so you can actively get involved in creator discussions and expand your network through engaging in relevant conversation. Some clubs we like are Creator Economy Club, Creators of Impact, and Elite Content Creators.

Backr's creator news updates

If you want a super quick summary of the most interesting headlines, we release a 30-60 second creator news overview every week on TikTok. Check it out!

Do you have any other go-to creator news resources? Let us know below!

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