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8 fitness creators to get you motivated

When you're looking for motivation or when you simply can't go to the gym, it has become common practice to head over to YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok. Here are just a handful of our favourite creators, who have kept us in shape during this gruelling last year!

Whether you want to get in better shape from the comfort of your living room, find some new exercises to try at the gym, or simply learn more about health and fitness, these creators are sure to reach your interest.


Little T (Taylor) is an absolute powerhouse! She offers a variety of content including mobility drills, calisthenics and strength exercises, and weekly challenges! Little T also runs a YouTube channel and offers coaching. She's able to do all of this while having an extremely positive and vibrant attitude. On top of her mad skills, her relatability and down-to-earth personality are both major reasons why we love following her!

Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn not only wants to make you a better you, but he wants to do this while putting a smile on your face. He's extremely active on YouTube, posting nearly five videos per week covering anything from what he does in a day, to the best chest workouts for maximum gains. To make him even more intriguing, he frequently posts videos where he works out with a variety of celebrities or Instagram creators.


MadFit (Maddie), is a creator focused on workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home. She has hours, upon hours, of equipment-free workout videos on YouTube that are meant for all ranges of fitness levels. Maddie designs all her workouts with your space in mind, ensuring they're condo- friendly. She takes out movements like jumping, so you won't have to worry about annoying your neighbours! On top of her great content, the videos have high production value making them extremely appealing to watch. This makes the entire experience feel that much better.


Due to gyms being closed for the majority of 2020, I turned to YouTube to find workouts that would keep me in shape. I faced an issue though. I had no gym equipment at my house, all I had was a yoga mat and a positive attitude. Fortunately, I found BullyJuice's YouTube channel. He was exactly what I needed to meet my fitness goals. Not only did he post workouts for people with no equipment, but he made all the workouts just as challenging as traditional weighted workouts. Every workout he posted offered new exercises, which meant it was always going to be something fresh. He was a big reason why I was able to fend off the "quarantine weight."

Natacha Océane

Natacha is so genuine, and shows her audience she always stays true to herself! She posts a variety of content, from trying fasted cardio, to doing the US Navy Seals Fitness Test, and lifestyle content of her just living her life! It's never the same and it's always going to keep you interested. Check out her YouTube channel if you like all-around fitness and lifestyle content!


Matt is more targeted at people who are into bodybuilding, as he offers advice on workouts that are specifically designed to really bulk up. However, he's more than just a traditional bodybuilding advice channel. He often posts lighthearted videos for the sake of entertainment. The challenges and vlogs he posts are not why you will originally go to his channel, but it will keep you as a fan! Check out his content on YouTube or IG.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is such a light and inspiration! To start, she has the most calming voice on the internet, which is important when trying to find your inner peace through yoga. Additionally, her dog Benji is in every video and sometimes joins her on the mat; this can really bring a smile to your day. She runs multi-day and multi-week challenges that keep you accountable for practicing yoga every day, and she keeps things interesting by mixing up the length, style, and intensity every day. All in all, she is a must-watch if you do yoga or want to get into it.


Athlean-X (Jeff) , has an extremely large following with 11 million subscribers on YouTube. He posts educational, informative, yet interesting videos for all fitness levels. He breaks down exercises to what individual muscles are being activated, and how you can use science to create a healthier body. In addition to workout content, he creates videos related to more general health, like how to fix a headache, or stretches to help back pain. It's not a surprise to see him grow into one of the biggest fitness channels on YouTube.

Every creator included on this list offers an amazing place to start to look for inspiration and for fun workout programs that will not only keep you fit but happy as well!


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