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6 YouTubers that got us through 2020

With all the free time on our hands in 2020, people not only picked up new hobbies but also spent more and more time on YouTube: this article is dedicated to those YouTubers that made 2020 more bearable for our team.

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2020 has been quite the year, hasn't it? From a global pandemic, endless lockdowns, worldwide protests, and conflicts, this year had it all. At the heart of this year was spending more and more time away from real social interaction and instead, being stuck behind a computer. This drew a lot of attention to go on YouTube to get you through those long, lonely days.

Our team put together a list of YouTubers that we really appreciated for being enjoyable and distracting us from this long trip around the sun. It’s time to celebrate, not only 2020 being over, but also the YouTubers who got us through this year.

Eamon & Bec

This Canadian (bonus points) couple travels around the world in their converted Sprinter Van! Not only is what they’re doing super cool, but their quality footage and production value is incredible. Eamon and Bec are so genuine, authentic, and not to mention, hilarious- making their viewers feel apart of their community and brought sunshine to many gloomy days in 2020.


Some channels focus on just one thing: whether that be, dancing, skits, vlogging, etc. However, SixTONES are so talented, they do it ALL! Literally. Dancing? of course. Artists? duh. Comedians? yes. Actors? silly question. This 6-pack offers the full entertainment package and due to this, we're able to keep their viewers entertained throughout all of 2020.

Linus Tech Tips

Technology is one of those things that can scare off a lot of people. However, Linus Tech Tips has become the go-to channel for simple, yet informative explanations of all things technology. It doesn’t stop there though: the team at Linus Tech Tips explains all of the world's technology in a way that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Reviews, step-by-step guides, and other technology-focused projects are all videos you can expect to see from this Canadian based channel.

Team Richey

Craig and Jas are bringing you fitness, entertainment, news and all the memes. During lockdown, they consistently did home workouts, giving everyone a little extra motivation to get their bodies moving! They bring you all the latest Crossfit news and deliver it in a way that, I guarantee, you will never watch without a laugh (try it).

SpanishPod 101

Picking up a new language was a task a lot of people from around the world took on in 2020. This can be quite a daunting task and can actually cost you a fair amount of money to achieve. Luckily, SpanishPod 101 offers not only free pre-recorded videos on their channel, but also have a constant 24/7 live stream where you can tune in and build your Spanish vocabulary!


One of the most popular games that people picked up during 2020 was chess. This can be attributed to the series, “The Queen’s Gambit”. The show attracted nearly 62 million viewers, in just a month! Since the release of the show, chess sets have shot up by nearly 215%. The point being, a lot of people are now playing chess, including me. Chess can be rather complex for a beginner, and I turned to YouTube to brush up on the rules and strategies. Fortunately, GothamChess offered countless videos on the basics of chess and ultimately, how to win. I started my chess journey as the furthest thing from a Grand Master, and with GothamChess’s guidance, I am one tiny step closer to achieving the title of Grand Master.

From the entire Backr team, we thank all the creators who kept us entertained, motivated and feeling a sense of connection during 2020. Kudos to you all!


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