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15 Black creators you should be following

Black creators are changing the game in every industry, through creating engaging and unique content, building businesses, or giving a voice to the voiceless: the list is truly endless.

2020 was a big year for content creators everywhere, however, this is especially true for Black creators all over social media. Whether that be through Black creator funds that were created by social media companies such as TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube or through brands seeking to collaborate and partner with Black creators on social media.

15 creators to follow

Whether you're into food, entertainment, technology, fashion, or anything in-between, these 15 creators are just a few of many! Be sure to learn from them, engage with their content, and collaborate with them for your upcoming campaigns.

1: Jackie Aina

If you have heard of Jackie, it is probably because of her makeup tutorials and product reviews that she posts frequently to her nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers. However, she doesn't just use her platform to talk about beauty. Instead, she uses her platform and powerful voice to speak out about diversity and inclusion, which helped her get the YouTube Creator of the Year award by the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People NAACP.

2: HellahGood

Hellah is all about running and motivation. He ran every day for 3 years... that's 1095 days straight and he's still going! Hellah is a former pro soccer player and vegan athlete, sharing his running journey and life experiences with us. With his an energy, spirit and dedication, he's truly an inspiration!

3: Marlon Palmer

Marlon aka ThatDudeMcfly is a fellow Torontonian and does it ALL. He's a comedian, YouTuber, podcaster and host of Before They Were Famous, the Concessions Stand podcast and the Extra Gravy Show. Marlon is bringing you everything from film review, pop culture, latest news, Black culture, and interviews all with his own Mcfly comedic twist.

4: JazzyGuns

Jasmine aka JazzyGuns is a gamer who's so energetic and hilarious, you'll definitely want to check her out. She won the*gameHERS YouTube streamer of the year award in 2020! Jasmine also has a second channel Dwyane and Jazz where she and her boyfriend do reactions, skits, pranks and really anything together.

5: Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, or better known as MKBHD, is a technology-focused channel. He reviews various technology from Apple products, all the way to DogeCoin. Similar to KSI, Marques has an impressive following of 14 million subscribers on YouTube. The reason why Marques is so loved is due to how he explains technology in a way that is easily understood by the most average of customers.

6: Kelly Stamps

A minimalist and amazing storyteller, Kelly is always just being her own genuine self. Being authentic proves to work based on her incredible amount of fan engagement! She takes us through her life experiences and how she's found value in minimal and slow living. Check her out and join the Stampede!

7: Chris Smoove

Everyone who is familiar with the NBA 2K video game series knows about Chris Smoove. This is evident by his 5 million subscribers and videos featuring NBA pros, such as Tony Parker. Chris has been able to adapt as content creation has expanded. By venturing into other video games and more commentary over actual NBA games, Chris has been able to expand his audience and become an even bigger player in the content creator space.

8: Kukuwa Fitness

Kukuwa is a professor of African dance and culture, and the creator of Kukuwa African dance workouts. She along with other instructors lead African dance classes that are super high energy and will definitely get your heart rate up. In addition to their free classes on YouTube, they offer exclusive content on their website. Get up and "Move Your Boombsey" with Kukuwa Fitness!

9: Prince EA

Richard Williams, better known as Prince EA, offers advice on almost every topic you can think of. From work, relationships, and even deeper topics such as "what is your purpose?". He broadcasts these messages to his nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube, along with other messages about the importance of culture and inclusion; as well as things like climate change and how education can be a saviour.

10: Wisdom Kaye

Wisdm8, formally known as Wisdom Kaye, is a Nigerian-born TikTok content creator who primarily focuses on fashion. Wisdom gives his followers tips on how to match colours and outfits, as well as different affordable jewelry and clothing for everyday people. As he has gained more popularity, Wisdom has been able to branch out of his comfort zone by still producing fashion-related content but applying it to more contexts. For example, he recently has started a series that is titled: "what would I wear if I was your...." In his most recent TikTok on the series, it is called: "what would I wear if I was your teacher." By continuously innovating on the type of fashion content he is publishing, he has been able to rack up 5 million followers.

11: Tabitha Brown

What are two things everyone loves? A loving mother and some dang good food. Well, Tabitha offers both of these things. The TikTok community has deemed her as "the world's favourite mom", and for good reason. Her soothing voice, paired with her positive outlook has given her a platform to show off her cooking skills. Due to her personality, she has been able to gain a following by really posting about a variety of topics, however, her vegan recipes can definitely be attributed to her success. She is able to turn simple recipes into culinary masterpieces (don't watch her when you are hungry or be prepared to salivate).

12: Bongiwe Pinana

Bongiwe is a personal trainer who hails from South Africa. With more and more people being locked in their homes with gyms closed, they have needed to find alternative ways to get fit. Bongiwe is your solution to that problem. She offers guides and workouts that are sure to get you in shape! Her TikTok's are so great because they are meant for any fitness level. Whether you are just starting or have been working out every day for years, her workouts are sure to have you break a sweat. In addition to this, her workouts are posted with step-by-step instructions that keep it easy to follow along.

13: Ehiz Fuah

If you are looking for comedy, then you need to check out Ehiz's TikTok. He gained his popularity for using the duet feature on the platform, to react or commentate on other people's videos. He still does these frequently, however, he has expanded to incorporate some of his own unique comedy content. Such as skits, impressions, and many more things that will definitely bring a smile to your face on the gloomiest of days.

14: Victoria Adeyinka

Speaking of comedy, Victoria is a must to check out. Not only does she do hilarious skits about all kinds of topics. But she really utilizes her acting skills to put out skits that have more serious aspects as well. Her versatility is why she deserves to be on this list. Over 14 million followers on TikTok speak for themselves when it comes to how comedic and innovative she is with what she posts.

15: KSI

Most people will recognize his name from his recent boxing match with fellow mega-YouTuber, Logan Paul, however, Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI, is much more than a wannabe boxer. He is a British gamer, artist, and actor, with a whopping 22 million subscribers on YouTube. His diversity in content is why his fans love him. From creating gaming videos with commentary, sketches, music videos, and a wide range of other videos, KSI has exceeded over 7 billion videos.

I assume if you've gotten this far in the blog, you like to follow and support different creators. Every creator on this list is here because they are extremely talented at what they create. Since you are already on these platforms, and probably following some of these people, why not go check out the rest and show them some love?

Who are some of your favourite Black creators? Tell us in the comments!👇


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