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Helping creators build sustainable businesses, one meaningful connection at a time.

Our Mission

We envision a world where anyone can create freely.

Human connection is powerful and social media enables us to find meaningful connections with groups of like-minded people all around the globe. Content creators are some of the greatest facilitators of online communities, inviting anyone with a shared interest to join their tribe. As fans, we want to join these communities for social connection, to feel a sense of belonging, and find friends who share our interests.

Creators are entrepreneurs who share their authentic passions with the world and build businesses around their fan communities. Our mission is to help creators build sustainable businesses by building stronger connections through smarter fan engagement.


Our Awesome Team

I'll be living in a self-converted camper van someday

Emily Campbell

Co-founder & CGO


Lived on a sailboat for a year traveling the world

Duncan Cameron-Steinke

Co-founder & CTO


Elijah Cavan

Data analytics & machine


Trained theoretical physicist, making me smarter than you

Makes some great content filled youtube videos

Abby Howard

Business development &



facts[random.randint(0, len(facts)) if facts else'']

Brian Haley

DevOps & Cloud Engineer


Love listening to foreign music I don't understand

Francis Victa

Fullstack developer


Low key training to make Spikeball Team Canada :)


Miki Kawano

Co-founder & CEO

Just a regular guy trying to make a billion dollars

Michael Oppong

Fullstack developer


Passionate and devoted Spikeball Player

Justin Patterson

Business development &



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