"There's too much data and it's not actionable"

"I'm overwhelmed"

"I don't have enough time to engage"

we hear you

"I can't measure the impact of fan engagement, does it even matter?"

...so we're here for you.

"I want to convert fans across platforms"

"I miss important comments"

"Retaining fan relationships is hard"

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Fan engagement doesn't have to be a guessing game.

Backr helps creators stop guessing and start strategizing

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Grow & retain your audience with smarter fan engagement

Backr's seamless integration and insights help you improve fan engagement right away.


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You love creating content, but let's face it... you need to make money to keep it sustainable. Advocates are your top fans, they champion your brand and spend money. We segment your audience so you can target the fans who are most likely to convert. You'll never miss an important fan again!

Forget long reports with confusing numbers. Backr cancels the noise and turns data into actionable steps so you don't have to overanalyze. We track every engagement      from comments to purchases      to show you the most valuable engagement opportunities.

Turn passive viewers into advocates ($$)

Stay focused on the fans that matter most



Build meaningful connections

Personal engagement is everything. Your audience sticks around because they feel connected with you, and today fans want deeper connections. Backr provides you an overview of every fan's engagement history so you can get to know your fans better and engage in a more impactful way.

Multiple tools and apps disrupt your flow. Manage and analyze fan engagements from all platforms in one central dashboard. Plus, with our prioritized inbox, you'll spend less time analyzing and more time creating meaningful fan connections.


Save time with a better workflow

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Turn your creative passion into a sustainable business with Backr

We get that being a creator isn't just a hobby, it's a career. And a complex one. Backr's tools eliminate analysis paralysis, focus on the fans that will move the needle for your business, and best of all, get you back to doing what you love- creating!

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Fan engagement is a big deal

It matters more than you think - we're on a mission to prove the real impact engagement has on your creator business.

Fan engagement increases fan retention.

Replying to a fan’s first comment increases their likelihood to engage again by 40%

Fan engagement indicates fan spending.

Fan engagement is the leading indicator of Patreon success, even higher than subscriber count and monthly views.